Our Mission

The climate emergency has entered a new phase, in which steep emissions reductions and the drawdown of carbon at the gigaton scale are both required. New thinking and new tools are required to meet this challenge.

We believe that ocean sequestration through the large-scale growth and long-term storage of seaweed biomass is vital to achieving carbon drawdown at the required (gigaton) scale.

To enable this, over the coming five years the Foundation will:

a) Raise awareness of the potential of ocean sequestration as the most effective biological system to reduce atmospheric CO2 concentrations at the scale and speed required.

b) Assist with the promotion of projects to cultivate seaweed offshore by establishing partnerships and sponsoring actions that trial methods or remove technological and conceptual roadblocks.

c) Advocate for policies that incentivise seaweed sequestration (through a carbon price, subsidies or other means).

d) Present opportunities to bring together the best science with informed practice by convening those people and organisations with expertise in climate science; policy; finance; marine engineering and seaweed cultivation.

Policy Plan

The Foundation has a clear policy plan focussed around maximising the opportunity of hosting the inaugural Congress on Ocean Sequestration in the Hague in July 2020. This Congress will bring together all those with the professional insight and expertise to work on establishing a new ocean sequestration industry with the capacity to draw down and sequester carbon dioxide in the oceans.

The Foundation raises funds through donations, partners for the Congress and through seeking financial support from those with an interest in exploring new ways to tackle the global climate crisis.

The Management Board adopts both the budget and financial statements for the Foundation and adopts the policy plan.


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