The inaugural International Congress on Ocean Sequestration

Watch this space . . . Coming soon!

The Ocean Forests Foundation will be convening the first international congress on ocean sequestration in The Hague next year.

The conference aims to achieve unprecedented global awareness of the need for sequestration at scale and the role of the oceans in achieving it.

Participants and contributors will be drawn from climate and oceanographic science researchers; leaders from the world of policy, as well as those with an experience of ocean engineering.

Kelp Forest Restoration Project

Over-fishing, pollution, and climate change have led to an explosion of sea urchin populations in many coastal areas. These urchin armies overgraze kelp forests, leading vibrant coastal ecosystems to become barren rock wastelands that lose their capacity to draw down CO2. The masses of starving sea urchins survive in an empty state for years even after the kelp is gone.

OFF is supporting Japanese non-profit organisation Mobile Sea Otters to organise and fund volunteer divers to harvest these empty, yet live, urchins. By removing these excess urchins, divers enable the rapid and natural restoration of kelp forests, which naturally rebound once the urchin population is reduced.

Working closely with local fisheries cooperatives, the volunteer divers supply urchins to ranching company Urchinomics, who transforms them into commercially valuable seafood. Urchinomics has agreed to donate 10% of revenues back to Mobile Sea Otters to support further urchin-clearing/kelp restoration work.