Tackling the climate crisis now requires both rapid emissions reduction, and the ability to draw down and sequester CO2 at scale

Ocean forests have enormous potential to help achieve that

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we need to sequester carbon at scale

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the benefits of ocean sequestration are

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can ocean sequestration be achieved?

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Tim Flannery interview with 'The News Minute' of India

Interviewed while taking part in the Bangalore Literary Festival Tim Flannery answers question on the climate problem and the potential role of seaweed. 

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Seaweed invasion damaging Mexican coastline and tourism industry

Mexican beaches are – literally – awash with seaweed. It's rotting, smelly, emptying the beaches of vistors, and threatening the tourism industry. But one of the reasons seaweed is causing problems – it's fast growing – is the very same reasons it offers such potential to draw down carbon. Just imagine if we could sequester (bury) the fast-growing seaweed in the ocean depths, rather than allow it to wash up and rot on beautiful coastlines.

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5 ways the ocean can reduce climate risk: could seaweed sequestration also play a role?

There's new understanding of the potential of the oceans in managing climate change. As recently published in Science, prominent researchers Ove Hoegh-Guldberg, Eliza Northrop, and Jane Lubchenco argue for 5 ocean-based mitigation areas necessary to reduce climate risk. The growing understanding of the potential of oceans begs the question: what else can the oceans do in meeting climate goals? And what role can seaweed sequestraion play? 

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Sir David Attenborough supports efforts to protect UK kelp forests

In a short video for the BBC Sir David Attenborough makes the case for protecting the Sussex kelp forest. For both it's ecological / biodiversity benefits and it's capacity to draw down and sequester carbon dioxide in the oceans.

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The inaugural International Conference on Ocean Sequestration

Watch this space . . . Coming soon!

The Ocean Forests Foundation will be convening the first international conference on ocean sequestration in The Hague next year.

The conference aims to achieve unprecedented global awareness of the need for sequestration at scale and the role of the oceans in achieving it.

Participants and contributors will be drawn from climate and oceanographic science researchers; leaders from the world of policy, as well as those with an experience of ocean engineering.

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